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Dragonfly Dezignz - Portfolio
Some of the sites that we have made over the years - please take a look at them if a link is available.

We have a Face Book Page now, it is HERE

I have just finished a new site for Reiki and Readings

This site is HERE

2018 - 2019

I am still updating the Natives of the Earth site. I first made it in 1998, (see below for the original site) but as things have been escalating on Environmental problems I decided to awake it again and add new pages.

The site is HERE


A favourite work that took a year to finish - 2017


Ongoing Site (2012 -2019)

Spelthorne Museum (ongoing site)

This is the newest Home page - November 2019 Remembrance day poppies
A new page of a Mammoth Tooth. This shows the Queens Award for Voluntary Service we received in 2018
The newest sight impaired Home page, The graphics come from Linoleum designs. Lino was made in Staines.

The Facebook group for this site is HERE
There are two sites to this one, a regular one and another for anyone with a sight impairment

Here are a few of the pages on a site I worked on for a couple of years called
'Earth Trinity Essences'   
It is a large site and is one of my favourites. 2004 - 2008

earth trinity essences
These pages are of the front page, the gorse essence, books, willow tree and snowdrop essences. This site has some wonderful photos of trees on it all taken on the Isle of Wight by Jan Harper-Whale.
The new address for this site is: www.EarthTrinity.co.uk
Although my work along with credit is on the pages, I no longer have any input on the site.
I do know that the essences are still available along with new ones that have been made recently.


Newer sites 2008/2019

Dakota 38 + 2 Memorial Ride
December 2008 - 2019

The Facebook Supporters Page is HERE

The Facebook page for this site is HERE
Weddings - 2015

Parents Count - updated 2015

The Facebook group for this site is HERE

A site for grandmothers of all cultures to share their traditional knowledge.

Spelthorne Museum - 2015

Gathering the Kokums - 2012

link to no guns of the Pipestone National Monument

site for jenny hazell

No Guns at the Monument

Jenny Hazell

Eliza Hearn
Gypsy Card Reader

Ancient Voices museum
an ongoing site, includes Ancient Tracks

link to Dakota March 2004
link to little feather center in Pipestone, Minnesota
Dakota March 2004/2014
Updated for the march every other year
Little Feather Center - 1998 - 2015


Wedding Sites

Andrew & Marie

Rosie & John

Gloria & Chuck

One Page Site

Little Bears Childminding


Some of the older sites we have made

link to Marge DeRuyter for Pipestone Country Commissioner site
link to Pipestone Pipes
Marge DeRuyter for County Commissioner - 2008
Pipestone Pipes
link to the Dakota People of Pipestone
reiki site
Spirit of Peace in Pipestone, Minnesota
Pipestone Dakota
link to the Pipestone Catlinite Quarriers Guild
Link to Dakota Dreams Bed & Breakfast in Minnesota
link to the Staines, UK website

Quarriers Guild

Dakota Dreams
Staines Town, UK
2000 -2015
link to Buffalo Crossing store and cafe in Minnesota
link to princess Diana exhibit pages
to the Natives of the Earth website
Buffalo Crossing
Princess Diana Exhibit
Natives of the Earth
1998 (updated 2018)
link to Patong Letting in Thailand
link to Theories of Existence
link to Twin Flame firedancer's site
Patong Letting, Thailand
Theories of Existence
Firedancer, Australia
link to Air News
Link to London Radiators
Air News, UK
London Radiators, UK
Site to go with a Petition
link to a Brittle Bone desease site
links to Pipestone Minnesota
viggo site
Brittle Bone Disease
Pipestone Minnesota
Viggo Mortensen
sacred circle UK link
links to a Lord of the rings site
Sacred Circle UK
Arvol's Statement
Lord of the Rings
This space is reserved for YOUR site!
Pipestone Dakota Wacipi
Orania on the IOW
2006. An one-off event

We are not responsible for any of these sites that are no longer active


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